Lars Rinnan

Lars Rinnan is a visionary CEO, angel investor, board member, public speaker and futurist from Oslo, Norway. Lars has more than 25 years management experience, and over the course of 7 years has started 6 companies within business intelligence and artificial intelligence, all joined together in Amesto NextBridge.

He is the CEO of Amesto NextBridge and the VP of AI & Robotics for Amesto Group. His entrepreneurial and business experience makes him a valued investor, advisor and board member for startups within AI and exponential technology. He is on the board and advisory board of several startups within AI and exponential technology. Several venture capital companies request his assistance in evaluating AI pitches, and he is a venture partner with Scale Capital in Copenhagen, and an advisor with The Scale Factory in Singapore as well as Rainmkrs Capital in Montreal & Dubai.

Trained as a military officer, Lars enjoys tough challenges, both in business and on his spare time, where he is an avid freeride skier and mountain biker. Balancing his military background is a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Norwegian Institute of Management and an MBA from Lancaster University (UK).

Lars is a sought-after keynote speaker on AI and the future, and an avid writer and blogger, frequently appearing in media and television. He is at his best when he can utilize his holistic business view and vast network to spot opportunities and create value.

Through his lectures, you will gain insight and inspiration about artificial intelligence and tips on how to get started, from one of the most experienced leaders in the field. He will give you a glimpse into the world in 2029; where artificial intelligence is everywhere. A near future that will still be very different than today. This future will be good! The lectures have a positive and optimistic angle. Maybe we have eliminated hunger, eradicated disease, and got rid of environmental problems, all with the help of artificial intelligence? It is actually possible, and Lars shows how it can happen. Lars likes to provoke, engages the audience and mixes in warm humor. He gives 40-50 lectures a year, and is very confident on stage, whether it is big or small.

His company Amesto NextBridge is the de facto reference within data-driven insight in the Nordics and have helped some of the regions largest and most demanding enterprises improve their operations utilizing cutting edge AI. Notable projects include helping the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent handle enormous amounts of free text reports regarding covid-19 using Natural Language Processing, decoding how bees communicate to each other within the beehive by way of computer vision, predicting where you can find krill in the Antarctic Ocean on any given day using deep neural nets, and developing synthetic cancer data for the Cancer Registry of Norway.

Lars was a keynote speaker at AIBC with the talk ‘The World in 2029’, and a keynote speaker at MedTech World with the talk ‘Improving Cancer Research with Synthetic Data’, both in 2021.

He was also a judge at the AIBC 2021 startup pitch contest.