Kaze A. Onguene

Creative and Futuristic Tech. entrepreneur and software engineer.
Using AI, robots and blockchain to design the city of the future and a sustainable society

He is CEO – Founder since eight years of BRAINCITIES LAB.


« BRAINCITIES LAB is an award-winning startup that is shaping the future with AI and blockchain one city at the time. We are based in Paris, France. BRAINCITIES bridges the gap between Humans and their ever-changing environments by making ecosystems like Cities and Companies Smarter with its Human-Supportive Artificial Intelligence. Since 2013 we are developing a new generation of artificial intelligence. The first autonomous system with Judging and Empathy capabilities. We take advantage of the convergence of AI emerging market with Decision Making (75 billion US Dollars combined by 2025) to design an inclusive and prosperous future for humankind. Today, we use Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to help XXI century organizations build amazing teams, cities measure the emotional EQ and strengths of their population, fintech and cryptocurrencies startups predict price series and market tendencies. »