Joshua Johnson

Joshua Johnson’s interest in crypto began in 2016 when he was introduced to Abra. Abra’s innovations in cryptocurrencies challenged and opened his eyes to the potential of bitcoin early on. In 2017-2018, Sinopharm’s efforts in China within supply chain technology in healthcare inspired Johnson to connect the brand’s activities with blockchain technology. Since then, he hasn’t looked back on the possibilities in the blockchain industry.


Beyond Meta, registered in Singapore, is the parent company to everything Joshua does, in partnership with Lian Pham. Through data, science, and accountability, the multiple ventures he leads work to scale economies and help individuals worldwide to thrive despite their challenges and pain points. Joshua strives to come alongside individuals, businesses, and governments to help them leverage their influences and technology for creating solutions.


Beyond Meta accelerates Web 3.0 adoption through digital and spatial education and community building. He believes creating digital twins of products with middleware can bring brands more revenue. He also supports fans’ dreams by connecting tools for DAOs and brand communities, aligning fragmented Web 3.0 companies, giving structure, and pushing back the boundaries faced by Web 2.0 companies by integrating cutting-edge Web 3.0 middleware into current IT infrastructure.  


Through fundraising for investors, company empowerment to host physical events with AR, augmenting brands’ communities with metapods, connecting NFTs across games in the metaverse with metalware, and users earning from companies’ royalties through games prelaunch, Johnson and Co create opportunities for a decentralized marketplace. Metapods allow people to experience XR, VR, and AR in a physical container packaged for brands as a drag and drop solution for event activations or daily commerce – think of Decentraland in the physical world. Therefore, Johnson, through Beyond Meta, creates a new sustainable income stream for brands through NFTs sales and crowdfunding for existing and upcoming projects.


Johnson’s voyage in the blockchain industry doesn’t end with Beyond Meta; with a mission to help communities worldwide, Johnson’s Digital Value focuses on creating a no-code template format for companies to connect their bottom line to the community. Digital Value is a smart contract template and data insights middleware company purposed to increase businesses’ bottom line (money) and community (users). On the other hand, Beyond Meta’s consulting arm is geared towards scaling money and community tools selectively focused on a handful of clients in Dubai that are heavily related to government and utility infrastructure. Building a platform that connects money and the community is essential for success. Therefore, smart contract templates make it possible to combine these two cohesively, offering an easy way to scale both money and users anywhere. 


In 2022, Johnson is partnering with Dawson Racing, D3esport, and Smart IoT to create Hydrogen world and Meta Hydrogen to gamify, educate, and license innovations and intellectual property around green hydrogen and define with data-driven barometers what it means to go green. The overall innovations bring the physical and nonphysical world together, connect brands with their loyal fan base, and create a sustainable environment with renewable energy.


Looking at the bigger picture, Johnson’s next milestone is to take the Catalysts Community and connect it to the Marlowe Marketplace and the rest of the internet via middleware. The same basic structure can be applied to any chain with multi-chain financial product capabilities in a no-code template platform.