Josh O’Cock

Josh O’Cock has an outrageous amount of energy that has – in the last decade – seen him keep busy at the forefront of social media and digital marketing since before it was a thing.

As the co-founder of Growth Gurus, Josh and his team of borderline obsessive marketing professionals have dedicated their hours, energy and attention to the aggressive pursuit of business growth for over 200 clients in four continents over the past ten years.

Simply put: work with Josh and his team and watch your company fortunes skyrocket. They love to get their hands dirty with what look like insurmountable problems and marketing challenges and turn them into revenue and growth.

Growth Gurus is one of Malta’s fastest-growing companies and has won real awards with Josh at the helm, 100% in part to the results that they get for their clients. But they don’t have the time to gaze at their trophies. They’re too busy doing the important work.

Challenges like ensuring a world-class business education for future generations of marketers … which led Josh to start the Guru Academy, a legacy project that’s already reaping huge returns for its graduates and their employers.

Working on the mantra that “nothing is impossible”, Josh is known by his peers, colleagues and clients for taking any issue at hand and wrestling with it until it submits to his will.