Jon Karas

Finance, Entertainment and Technology industry entrepreneur, seasoned capital formation leader, film producer, and talent representative. With over 25 years in the entertainment and finance industries, Jon is a major force at the intersection of celebrity and social good. He is a founding Advisory Board member of Slate Entertainment Group, creator of disruptive crypto-driven streaming and ticketing platforms. As a veteran of the William Morris Agency, he founded Infinity Management International in 1990, which represents top record producers, film and television writers, directors, and producers. He began his career practicing transactional and securities law at two major law firms on Park Avenue in New York.

Karas is officially the co-founder and president of Akoin. One of Akoin’s big use cases will be to help African users convert mobile phone minutes into other currencies. At present pre-paid mobile phone minutes are used like digital currencies in countries where inflation is rampant. There are even ‘minuteaires’ who are independently wealthy with mobile phone minutes.

“It is a huge store of value. And it’s something that they trust. They know they’re going to keep using that, they know they can trade them they know they can pay for things with them,” he said.

Akoin signed a partnership with BitMinutes which will provide free money transfers to 1.2 billion accounts across Africa and free mobile top ups four four billion mobile phones. It will also provide micro lending.

While Akon has done charity projects before, including installing solar lighting in 18 countries, Akoin is a for-profit venture.

“Our belief is that all social impact ventures if they’re for profit, they will grow bigger faster better,” he said adding that profitablity was good for users too.


“The token is intended to be something that will increase in value both by a limited circulating supply and by more and more and more utility,” he said.

He’s spent a lot of time around musicians – he notes in passing that one of his colleagues at Akoin is actually the cousin of the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir. And Karas even hangs out with former Beatle Ringo Starr.

Jon Participated at the Smart City Fireside Chat during AIBC Summit this November 2021

The panel 🔹 Smart City Fireside Chat 🔹 was discussed at AIBC Summit this November 2021 during the main stage event for Blockchain & The Economy: 🗣 Dustin Plantholt, Founder & CEO at Crypterns 🗣 Akon, Founder at Akoin 🗣 Jon Karas, Co-founder & President at Akoin AIBC Summit aims to be a pillar in the technological development by uniting tech-leaders, regulators, investors and entrepreneurs from across the world to discuss, share ideas, make partnerships and build the foundation for the industry of tomorrow. 👉 Check out what AIBC has lined up for 2022 ➡

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