JJ Woods

JJ has a unique understanding of people who gamble and what their requirements are. He has been immersed in Land-based casino gaming and all of its issues for over 35 years. JJ Woods was born in Ireland but left in the 1970s to live in London and started his career in banking. After his first 4 years in Banking, he trained in the Casino Industry. Over the last 35 years, he has dedicated his career to the design, set up and management of Casinos around the world. As the political & economic climate has changed in Ireland over recent years he has been corresponding with the Government directly on the matter of the Legislation of Casinos in Ireland. He has also submitted submissions on gaming legislation to other countries, including Trinidad and Namibia to name a couple. Throughout his career he has also done several Radio, Television and Newspaper interviews on the subject of Casinos and Gaming. JJ Woods is also an author on Gaming and has written Articles for several Gaming Industry magazines Worldwide.JJ’s latest land-based casino project was for the complete set up of The Carlton Casino Club in Dublin / Ireland which opened in 2019. www.carltoncasinoclub.com. JJ. has managed and set up Casinos in the following countries: United Kingdom, Russia, South America, North Africa, Caribbean, and Ireland to name a few. JJ is Director Of Operations for A.C.C has consulted on Gaming Issues worldwide through his company www.atlanticcasinoconsultants.com