Jesse Berger

Jesse Berger is a media and technology entrepreneur. He began his career as the co-founder of Radical Studios, a filmed entertainment and publishing enterprise of comic book intellectual properties. Jesse has produced 6 films that have generated over $850 million in gross revenue worldwide to date. In 2013, Jesse was an Executive Producer of Oblivion, released by Universal Pictures, starring Tom Cruise, which grossed over $290 million at the worldwide box office. In 2014, Jesse served as an Executive Producer on Hercules, released by Paramount Pictures and MGM, starring Dwayne Johnson, which grossed over $240 million at the worldwide box office. In 2018, Jesse was a Producer on The Last Days of American Crime, which released on Netflix in 2020. Jesse has also been involved with blockchain since 2014. He nurtured the original idea that eventually became the PKT Network, to solve the problem of needing a decentralized network for content distribution that’s not reliant on a centralized infrastructure. Jesse co-authored the whitepaper for PKT Network with PKT lead developer Caleb James DeLisle. Jesse continues to support and develop the PKT blockchain and its associated technology as a founding community member. Jesse is also co-founder of AnodeVPN, a technology company leveraging the PKT Network to offer free VPN services. Jesse is also co-founder of PKT Pal, which is providing hardware and software solutions to scale the PKT network. Jesse’s extensive background in production, marketing, branding, global distribution, technology, and leadership has made him a valuable asset to the PKT project. Jesse received his B.A. degree in film and video production, with a minor in business from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.

Speaking Topics:

Mesh network, Internet access equality, distributed computing, blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ISP


Speaker Abstract: Solving Global Internet Inequality With The PKT Network

Often, residents living in well-developed nations and cosmopolitan cities do not consider ‘internet-deserts’ and other hindrances that underdeveloped and emergent countries regularly face when it comes to internet availability, stability and quality. Consistently, access to the internet, more importantly, the world is only indulged by those who can afford the costly service, often monopolized by ISPs and communication conglomerates.

Customarily, residents of rural areas in developed nations encounter similar dilemmas as select groups create internet monopolies preventing fair access to a network that connects our globalized world. However, mesh networks like PKT use blockchain to remedy internet inequality by allowing individual users to trade their unused bandwidth for a PKT token that can later be exchanged for PKT Cash and creating a mesh network by leveraging excess internet to be shared with those nearby and far away. PKT is on the path to create internet by the people for the people all the while, remaining a fully decentralized ecosystem on the blockchain that is open-source, not attached to a single entity, has no coin premine and most importantly, no shareholders to please and attest to. 

As a Founding Community Member of PKT Jesse Berger has been with the project since it’s very inception and interested to speak about how blockchain is the key to the future of the new Internet via mesh networks as well as PKT’s ambition and measured progress to eliminate the global discrepancy of Internet access.