Jean-Luc Shorey

Jean-Luc Shorey

Jean-Luc Shorey is a token mechanism researcher and web 3 investor. Each token ecosystem is a microeconomy in itself and core teams need help designing sustainable and effective models that accurately compliment their protocols. Jean-Luc aims to help clearly frame and professionalise the token design process along with practically iterative token monitoring as regulation, technology and standards change.

Previously, Jean-Luc was a Web 3 seed stage investor and protocol advisor working with 20+ early stage blockchain protocols whilst helping lead the venture arm of Koji Capital. He worked closely with institutional corporate credit markets, blockchain market makers and venture capital firms, curating a portfolio of strong Web 3 native protocols. A particular focus of Koji Capital was Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and Jean-Luc worked closely with the Tribute DAO network, focussing on Ready Player DAO.

Working with portfolio companies such as Chainlink, The LAO, Maple, Space and Time, and Molecule, he became proficient at analysing and advising protocols with regards to data, community and strategy. He was a council member for the first Parimutuel Market on Optimism and has spoken at multiple Australian Web 3 conferences and events.

Jean-Luc Shorey started his career in research in 2015, presenting original biomedical research at the 2015 Nobel Prize week in Stockholm. During his time at University he was a leader of Australia’s National Youth Science Forum and found a love of statistics, pivoting from a Medicine focussed career to financial statistics. He was introduced to blockchain technology at the beginning of 2017 and over the course of the next 3 years became specialised in blockchain token design.

Jean-Luc is optimistic about the future of digital tokens and he plans to contribute to sustainable token models that complement the value exchange that blockchain protocols enable.


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