Gabriele Pauliukaite

Gabriele Pauliukaite is an ultimate DeFi enthusiast investing in various Terra Protocols since the inception of Terra. She is a crypto investor since 2017 and recently co-founded 60 mln. USD worth DeFi Startup and educated people about the investments into DeFi.

She is always on the lookout for new partnerships to bring DeFi products to everyone.

Gabriele Pauliukaite has a professional and academic background in data science and finance at Copenhagen Business School.

While she started her corporate career in finance at Nasdaq100 company, she made her career in tech sales and business development advising a series of startups in Scandinavia.

Pauliukaite worked for a few years in tech sales in one of the Scandinavian startups based in Copenhagen Business School Campus and afterward moved to work as a blockchain consultant in a few traditional markets corporations.

Her early professional career started in the credit risk management industry in a debt management company where she worked as an analyst for non-performing loan portfolios.

While she found out that financial markets are moving in a very different direction compared to the classical investment world, Gabriele shifted her focus and dove into crypto investments and founded a financial product with a team in Switzerland.

Besides leading a DeFi company, Gabriele Pauliukaite is a strategic advisor for a hotel tokenization project, helping to create a DAO and the entire marketplace for hotels such as Hilton, Marriot, etc.

Besides her professional life, she co-founded a USA-based NGO in Europe and worked at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Gabriele Pauliukaite spoke at the SIGMA Conference in Toronto 2022, at the AIBC Stage about “The future of liquidity: CeFi or DeFi” and “The future of DeFi and NFTs is Regulation”