Fernando Antunes

Fernando Antunes

Fernando Antunes: “I will be a better person tomorrow than today. I truly believe that conveying in a practical and pragmatic way what I have learned can accelerate the growth of people and organizations, and transform the society. Therefore, I help people, companies and institutions to develop themselves in pursuit of excellence, whether as a manager, teacher, entrepreneur, mentor or speaker.

I am an advertiser by graduation; management, marketing and strategy professional and consultant by profession and teacher and educator by heart. In these 20 years of career, being more than 15 in management and leadership activities and almost 10 in the classroom, I have worked in companies of various sizes and segments of technology, retail, media, advertising, financial, education, government, third sector, among others. I worked with dozens of brands, such as Coca-Cola, Itaú, Rede Globo, Vivo, Bob’s, International Olympic Committee, Federal Government of Brazil and Istituto Europeo di Design. Besides the big ones, I also had the opportunity to contribute with entrepreneurs in their various small and medium businesses through consulting and mentoring.

In 2012, I created my own brand absolutely from scratch. The passion for education and the entrepreneurial nature came together to build the Brasilia Marketing School. Today, BMS has over 4,000 students, more than 60 courses in strategic marketing, digital marketing, creativity, and disruptive business development in the creative economy fields. In addition to being its founder, I am also proudly one of BMS’s partner teachers. I love teaching so much that I also teach(taught) classes in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and lecture in Brazil and Europe.

Nowadays, besides undertaking education business and teaching, I develop research and innovation projects of technological orientation in the marketing field, mainly involving automation, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

You may have access to more details right here on LinkedIn and if you have any questions or want to get in touch, just send me a message.”

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