Federica Taccogna

Federica is a Partner in the Financial Services practice at FTI Consulting, where she has built and leads a team of regulatory experts who assess and investigate financial crime concerns on behalf of regulators and enforcement agencies globally and assist regulated firms in designing and implementing financial crime control frameworks. Federica has led numerous of the recent large-scale investigations (Nordic-Baltics flows, Latvian/ABLV flows, Vatican corruption, Italian Mafia) on behalf of regulators in Europe and the US, including a dual-track (criminal and regulatory) investigation into a major universal bank that revealed the facilitation of significant terror-related activity. Federica translates her direct, hands-on, experience of investigating complex financial crime schemes (encompassing illicit use of shell companies/complex ownership structures, cryptocurrencies, hacking incidents, ransomware scams, identity theft schemes and bribery and corruption) involving a wide range of jurisdictions (including Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Cyprus, UK, US, Sweden, Italy, Libya, Hong Kong, the BVI, Panama, Bermuda and Curacao) into practical advice for supervisors and regulated firms and advises regulators and law enforcement agencies as to how to build and improve (intra-)jurisdictional infrastructure to prevent an investigate financial crime. Federica is an advisor to the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and Malta Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit on the topic of financial crime and served, on an interim basis, as Head of the MFSA’s Financial Crime Unit. In her early career, Federica set up and co-led an independent firm consulting financial services and government agencies in Europe on quantitative risk management and general compliance. The firm was then absorbed by KPMG. Later, Federica held senior compliance and control roles in industry, setting up and leading control and compliance units, amongst others at Credit Suisse and Royal Bank of Scotland.