Ekin Tuna

Ekin Tuna is a crypto and finance professional with of more than 10 years in the industry. Since 2014 and after graduating from Leiden University College he has worked in the core teams of multiple Layer 1 protocols including NEM, Oasis Network and Waves in business roles covering finance, fundraising and business development. For these companies he has structured and executed ecosystem growth strategies covering ecosystem funds, incubation programs and treasury management.
Before entering the Layer 1 industry he founded, raised capital and exited a financial data analysis company providing services for trading firms trading in the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Currently Ekin is working as the Head of Business Development at Waves Labs and is the Managing Director at Aerial Capital. He is an avid consumer and promoter of classical music and supports the work of Istanbul Philharmonic Foundation as the financial advisor. Ekin divides his time between Bucharest, Helsinki and Istanbul.