Efrem Borg

Chief Technologist at Malta Digital Innovation Authority.  MDIA is the primary Authority responsible for promoting governmental policies that promote Malta as the center for excellence for technological innovation while setting and enforcing standards that ensure compliance with any other international obligations. The Authority seeks to protect and support users and also encourages all types of innovations, by allowing for flexibility when it comes to the certification of Innovative Technology Arrangements.

Between 1998 and 2002, he studied Industrial Electronics at Fellenberg Training Center, at the main time, he was apprentice at MITTS Ltd.

Then he obtained a bachelor’s degree of engineering, electrical, electronics and communications engineering from The University of Malta. After University, he worked as Systems and Networl Engineer at WINS during two years and half then heworked as Networks Operations Manager for three years in the same company.

Efrem holds a master’s degree of Business Administration from Henley Management College. He concurrently worked as project Manager – technical Projects at MITA (Malta Information Technology Agency). MITA is the central driver of Government’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta. The responsibilities at MITA included: – Expand the availability and take-up of ICT education and the use of ICT for learning – Proliferate the application of technology in society and economy to enhance the quality of life and the tourist experience – Contribute towards the growth of the local ICT industry and the attraction of ICT-related Foreign Direct Investment – Programme-manage the implementation of ICT infrastructure and services in Government with the aim of improving public service delivery. He worked his way up, and after five years in this company, he became Head of Department Information Security. Efrem Borg leads the Information Security and Governance Department within MITA, Malta’s central driver of Government’s ICT policy, programs and initiatives with the ultimate objective of safeguarding the Government’s digital assets.


He spoke at the AIBC 2021 conference about: Assurances in Technology (Day 2)

The panel 🔹 Assurances In Technology 🔹 was discussed at AIBC Summit this November 2021 during the main stage event for Blockchain & The Economy: 🗣 Trevor Sammut, Chief Regulatory Officer at MDIA 🗣 Efrem Borg, Chief Technology Officer at MDIA 🗣 Dr. Ian Gauci, Managing Partner at GTG Advocates 🗣 Profs Gordon Pace, Professor of Computer Science at University of Malta AIBC Summit aims to be a pillar in the technological development by uniting tech-leaders, regulators, investors and entrepreneurs from across the world to discuss, share ideas, make partnerships and build the foundation for the industry of tomorrow. 👉 Check out what AIBC has lined up for 2022 ➡ https://aibc.world/

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