Dunstan Teo

Dunstan Teo is a polymath that was self-taught and later mentored in economics, business strategies, game theories, sociology, behavioral psychology, and social conditioning. He co-authored the book titled The Bitcoin Dystopia – The Prelude. He started mining Bitcoin 11 years ago and is a well-known OG in the Bitcoin space.

He is a founding partner of many VC Funds, a global venture builder to big and small enterprises, a builder of sovereign level tech, a creator of new economic models, a president of a multi-family office advisory, an advisor to exchanges, and many more to come.

Now, he is the President of Sanctum Global Ventures.

picture21Sanctum Global Ventures is a Capital Venture, Asset Management and Private Equity company headquartered in DIFC, Dubai, UAE. The company is a goal-driven fund empowering businesses globally that are working on sustainable development through venture building, new technologies, impact investments, synergy, and technology transformations. From strategizing and raising capital in seed & private rounds to investing clients’ funds in secure ways, creating brand awareness to facilitating organic community growth, the leading ecosystem fund offers 360° services relating to investment management. Sanctum has provided its professional-level service to Black Ocean, Digital Finance Exchange, Blockbank, EX-Sports, GoldFinX, Safle, XY Finance, Blockchain Valley, 5ireChain, and Philcoin just to name a few.

“I’ve always thought my dream was to be a scientist, a speaker, a preacher, an educator, a professional gamer, an economist and a tech entrepreneur. These were all avenues that I’ve explored and acquired skills in, but something was missing in all these. These were all occupations that can change the world, but I wanted more. The passion and spark that was missing was ignited when I chanced upon a program 10 years ago that was a simple game and yet it created something called Bitcoin. As a gamer, I got interested and decided to dabble in it. By chance, I picked up the whitepaper online and my perspective of the world changed. The financial world was in a mess and this new concept became my all-encompassing belief, science and vision. This new world is one in which I could become the scientist, the speaker, the preacher, the educator, the gamer, the economist and the tech entrepreneur. I am now a consultant to projects and enterprises big and small, a builder of sovereign level tech, a creator of new economic models, a president of a multi office advisory, an author (which is a bonus), an advisor to exchanges and more to come.”