Dr Brandon Chicotsky

Dr. Brandon Chicotsky

Dr. Brandon Chicotsky is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing at Texas Christian University’s Neeley School of Business. He also serves as the Brand and Marketing Lead for the TCU Sales Center, where he instructs in the Certificate in Consultative Sales program. Dr. Chicotsky has worked in private equity which began in Tel Aviv, Israel during an externship as a graduate student at New York University. He continues to participate in real estate investing and syndicate advising in the Fort Worth area. Dr. Chicotsky is also an active Angel Investor and marketing advisor to numerous companies. View more at Angel List.

Dr. Chicotsky previously served as a Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor of Integrated Marketing at New York University’s Division of Programs in Business in the School of Professional Studies, which was preceded by full-time lectureship at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and university instruction at the University of Alabama.

Student awareness

Dr. Chicotsky leads ambitious cohorts of students in various capacities, which include professional development programming and mentorship of startup endeavors. At NYU, his master’s seminar, Social Media and the Brand, covered various marketing principles and market applications of online communities. For his master’s students in finance, marketing, business administration, real estate, supply chain, and information systems, Dr. Chicotsky covers various functions of data analytics and communication campaigns for multiple market segments. Assignments include contributions to quarterly earnings reports, data mapping, executive summaries, memos, and laymen’s mediation of technical insights, among other critical exercises in business communication. 

For marketing students, Dr. Chicotsky offers “deep dives” with platforming, segmentation software, experiential marketing simulations, customer lifetime value calculations, product market fit assessments, product innovation, and branding campaigns. Dr. Chicotsky utilizes the case method and experiential learning projects with a market-applied approach to curriculum design. Industry leaders, which include agency and company representatives, frequently visit class and offer pathways for students to continue their learning and career development. View a sample exercise from Dr. Chicotsky’s Digital Marketing Analytics class from Texas Christian University’s Master of Science in Business Analytics program, which partnered with Oracle and explored the future of technology and retail shopping working alongside technology-futurists from industry.

To advance preparedness to inform a new generation of students, Dr. Chicotsky has taught and developed instructional materials for a master’s seminar for Johns Hopkins Global MBA students titled Business Leadership and Human Values. His curriculum contributions covered social enterprise and topics pertaining to communication strategy and innovation. Explorations of emerging markets include machine learning, artificial intelligence, swarm intelligence, automation systems, distributed ledgers, virtual reality, the “Internet of things,” advanced microprocessing, emotive robotics, quantum computing, algorithm financial trading, bioinformatics, and more. 

One of the online courses Dr. Brandon Chicotsky created and instructed for his alma mater, Organizational Models of Media Entrepreneurship, explores various communication practices leveraging media technology (e.g., social media) of venture-backed companies. Another course Dr. Chicotsky developed and taught, Group Leadership, explores topics involving communication and strategic negotiations. A book compilation of learning exercises from this course is now available at Barnes & Noble. These coursesalong with Dr. Chicotsky’s doctorate in communication and information sciences (The University of Alabama, 2017) and master’s in management (New York University, 2012; ranked #1 in the graduating class)have equipped him with relevant reference knowledge for executing lectureship and programming focused on the emerging business marketplace. 

With experience teaching undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, and executive students in both online and in-class settings, Dr. Chicotsky embraces a mix of traditional pedagogical methods, incorporated education technology, and industry engagement to enhance applied learning. This approach earned him the Teaching Innovation Award (2018), which is a grant provided by the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School to pilot new teaching methods. 

Professional experience support to

Outside of lectureship, Dr. Brandon Chicotsky applies his academic and professional experience to support professional development for his students. He enjoys connecting startup founders with funding channels, which empowers students and expands the influencer community for the University’s stakeholders. These efforts were exemplified when Dr. Chicotsky served as Coordinator of Experiential Learning at the University of Alabama. In this role, he launched and managed a professional development travel program called Industry Immersion, which continues to introduce executives and hiring managers to top-performing students.

Dr. Chicotsky’s academic service includes hosting formative conferences, as exemplified at Johns Hopkins University in partnership with the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Chicotsky has also consulted with The Chronicle of Higher Education regarding advertising campaigns and marketing to new demographics. Moreover, Dr. Chicotsky actively provides strategic consulting and product ambassadorship of education technologies that improve student learning outcomes and increase engagement. 

As an extension of service to the academy, Dr. Chicotsky developed a content aggregator centered on diversity policy, which is available at The site features a search engine and serves as a shared resource of diversity policy in higher education in one place. The search engine is powered by text mining and machine learning technology and will have an official soft launch in early 2022. Diversity Policy is an early iteration of what will eventually become a multifaceted automation software system (i.e., artificial intelligence) aimed at curating content for the university community, which can be expanded to other large scale organizations with a fragmented policy marketplace (e.g., publicly traded equities). 

Along with a commitment to innovative and effective pedagogy, Dr. Chicotsky has an active research line focused on branding phenomena. He has published in peer-reviewed journals, as well as presented in academic and industry forums on complementary issues relevant to media, entrepreneurship, and technology. 

Dr. Chicotsky’s research

Dr. Chicotsky’s research has been advised by one of the world’s leading sports media scholars, Dr. Andrew Billings, who was among a dedicated cohort of senior faculty who have prepared Dr. Chicotsky to synthesize scholarly insight to inform his pedagogy and service. To further extend his research, Dr. Chicotsky is a Fulbright Global Scholar Grant applicant. The research framework is accompanied by a book contract with Routledge Publishing (Taylor & Francis Group) to study brand similarities of entrepreneurial ecosystems in Ghana and the United States. More is available at

During his professional career, Dr. Brandon Chicotsky garnered critical insight to inform his academic endeavors. For example, he served as a Chief Marketing Officer of an early-stage venture, Simply International, that achieved its first $1 million yearly revenue goal under his leadership. The company’s early planning came to fruition and has since extended its brand to include Inn Cahoots. Dr. Chicotsky has invested significant time in global business dealings and travels that span 13 countries. Furthermore, Dr. Chicotsky’s academic pursuits expose him to numerous industry practitioners. The culmination of Dr. Chicotsky’s academic and professional journey has taught him the value of service, collegiality, and flexibility.