Dev Oskii

Long-time cryptocurrency developer * ethical hacker * opensource contributor

Oscar is passionate about cryptocurrency, blockchain protocols, cryptography, algorithms, scalable web applications, ethical hacking, cryptocurrency compliance and regulation and how cryptocurrencies tie into modern finance. He is responsible for the development of the Umbria protocol and takes an active role in all facets of the project from key deployments and strategic development to engaging with the community and producing documentation (including the Litepaper and drafting of the Whitepaper).Oscar is co-Chief Operating Officer of London-listed blockchain development company Online Blockchain also responsible for the development of the Brazio and Veggiecoin cryptocurrencies and is lead technical developer of FreeFaucet.IO, a leading cryptocurrency faucet and education platform. His passions include programming, innovating new technologies in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space, internet privacy and solving real problems in current technology. In his spare time he is an active contributor to many open source projects on github.