David Orban

David Orban is a global technological thought leader, investor, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and author. He has created and grown a number of businesses over the course of more than two decades. Also, the first to acquire Ether upon the Ethereum debut in 2014. He was an early adopter of blockchain technologies and an avid Bitcoin investor since 2010.

Davin Orban is also an advisor and investor in a number of blockchain firms and funds, including Bitnation, Neuromation, Sun Exchange, Wealth Migrate, Blockchain Capital, Bancor, Swarm Fund, and others. Furthermore, has spearheaded the adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain in start-ups. At the first Ethereal Summit in May 2017 in New York, and Blockchain Unbound in March 2018 in Puerto Rico, David explained the emancipation and empowerment that non-zero sum technologies are spreading worldwide.

His company, Beyond Enterprizes, is a strategic advisory firm that helps projects with all stages of blockchain and new technology implementation and development. David is the Managing Advisor for Beyond Enterprizes. At the end of August 2021, Beyond’s more than 50 clients had a combined value of more than $14B. Also, he is the founder and manager of Network SocietyVentures. A company that invests in startups that employ exponential technology and decentralized networks.

Moreover, David is the founder and a trustee of Network Society Research. Is a global think tank with offices in London and more than 40 countries. Its goal is to help people, businesses, and society as a whole. Thus, to deal with the unstoppable transformation to a world based on decentralized exponential technologies. They are changing the traditional centralized and hierarchical functions of governments and corporations.

Singularity University, based at the NASA Research Park in California, is also where he is a faculty member and advisor. An investor in the Singularity University Labs Accelerator Fund, which is now called SUVentures. He was also the President of SingularityU Italy. SU is an interdisciplinary university that aims to bring together, teach, and inspire leaders who want to understand and help develop exponentially growing technologies so to solve some of the biggest problems in the world.

A popular speaker, gave over 100 keynote addresses and speeches around the world for companies like Abbvie, Cisco, Oracle and Roche. Also, for companies like Gilead, ENEL and Banca Sella, Alphabet, the Internet Advertising Bureau, the European Foundation for Management Development and H-Farm. When it comes to artificial intelligence, he wrote a book called “Something New.” A Thiel Fellowship mentor and an Advisor to the Institute of Ethics and EmergentTechnologies, as well as a number of businesses.

Furthermore, David Orban was the Chairman of the Board and Advisor to Humanity+. This is a group that wants to make people more aware of scientific progress and new technologies that help the human condition. He worked as an Adjunct Professor at LUISS Business School in Rome, one of Italy’s best schools. David’s work cuts across the limits of specialization to contribute to a new renaissance.

David Orban did us the honor of speaking at the AIBC Summit this November 2021!

SiGMA World celebrated the iGaming industry’s resilience even in the most troubling of times. With this we also congratulate the efforts made to make the iGaming world ethical, fraud-free and lawful.

Affiliate Grand Slam congratulated the brilliant marketers and influencers bringing much needed attention to a massive portfolio of industries and rejuvenating the economy one click at a time.

AIBC brought together the pioneers of a bright new age of emerging technology ready, able and willing to be the vanguard of Tomorrow. Other than just the established names, we also hosted many an entrepreneur seeking to expand the frontiers of AI and the Blockchain ever forward.

Finally, Med-Tech World united the medical professionals of many disciplines to combine their keen minds and inexhaustible passion for a better tomorrow with the entrepreneurial spirit of investors who also dream of a world free from disease and cancer.

The Week also saw many a networking dinner, speaking panel, drink gatherings and other opportunities for our hard-working delegates to unwind. A few highlights include the awards that congratulated those whose dedication, skill and acumen made them a leading figure in their industry as well as the fact that the conferences where graced by titans such as John Karony, Nolan Bushnell, Djibril Cissé, Akon and Mark Blandford who was awarded an Outstanding Contribution of the Year award for his pioneering work in the iGaming industry.