Daniel Doll-Steinberg

After a career in investment banking in global derivatives technology in London and New York, founded, co-founded and invested in several companies in the games, entertainment and marketing technology platform spaces.

Since 2016 dedicated to the Blockchain and Decentralisation focussed on bringing real world companies to the Blockchain in 4 verticals: entertainment, gaming, real estate and retail.

A co-founder of Blockchainsmokers and the Atari Token and Platform Network.

daniel doll dteinberg3He also founded, with a group of gaming veterans and an Ethereum founder, a computer gaming blockchain project that has the potential to deliver the future of work. /// For several years Daniel advised both the UK Government and the European Commission on innovation, growth, and education policy. This included being the two-term UK appointed member of the European Commission Enterprise Policy Group (Business Chamber) and a member of the UK Government’s EU Advisory Group for the Department of Business, Innovation, and Skills.

He currently attends the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain. /// Daniel has a BEng from the University of Manchester and has lectured a course on supply chain innovation at University College London, where he was an Honorary Senior Research Associate.

Daniel spoke about “What is the Role of Digital Currency within the Global Political Economy?” | AIBC Virtual Summit 2020

Can a central digital currency (CBDC) be embraced by all major traditional institutions to ensure a safe, open method of banking for all? How long will it be before every European bank is incorporating crypto solutions into their main offerings? “The central banks should issue a CBDC in order to guarantee that transactions are valid with a transparent, smooth and swift clearing settlement.” – Christian Heinz Meet the panel: Christian Heinz – CEO, Baltasaar Daniel Doll-Steinberg – Co-Founder, EdenBase Beatrice Collet – Managing Director, Chiliz Blockchain Campus Website: https://www.aibcsummit.com

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He also spoke at the 2021 AIBC Dubai conference about: How are Digital Currencies transforming local economies?