Craig Obligacion Wilson

«  I’ve been told I am an out of the box visionary thinker, driven to succeed, a hard worker, clever and creative but really, I am just passionate.

I have always been naturally attracted to building communities. In the late 90’s I lead a group of friends in a loose theater ensemble and in 2018 I took on the leadership role of President of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood. Leading and coordinating communities/teams and events around a larger purpose inspires and motivates me.

As a team driven leader and communicator, I collaborate with my team in order to create an experience where all voices and ideas are heard and considered. Inclusion allows for an environment where everyone feels a part, inspiring them to give their best. I am also an out of the box thinker who considers all avenues, even the non-traditional, in order to achieve great results.

In Web 3, NFTs and the Metaverse I have discovered a space where all of my top skillsets blossom. I bring my decades of experience in Hollywood as a self starter, creative thinker and top networker to this new industry adding my perspective. I have an understanding of where Web 3 is headed. NFTs are a technology that artists get to design which add a unique utility unlike anything currently created.

With FilAm Creative, through my film challenge event, I inspired a movement of Filipino Filmmakers which united the community, created networking opportunities, and developed teamwork. When tickets went on sale, the event sold out in one hour. In response to the overwhelming enthusiasm, I organized another screening which forged a new business relationship creating large financial revenue for both businesses. The two screenings doubled the financial revenue of the organization’s other programs for the year.

These abilities allow me to apply my energy and out side of the box thinking to grow brands, create movements and inspire the community.

Outside of work I have the loyal but unfortunate experience of being a San Diego Padres fan. I can only hope for next year. I also enjoy the food culture of Los Angeles, good food is the way to the soul and like many in this city, I too write and make my own films. »