Charles Herisson

Charles has over 20 years’ experience working in the betting and gambling industry. Charles loves to inspire entrepreneurs and business communities to create and share trusted opportunities; to scout and connect talents; to improve and leverage the knowledge to generate personal and social value. He is currently Owner and CEO at working with Tipsters and Professional Punters, Syndicates and Affiliates, Betting Operators and new Start-Ups across the world, advising on all new opportunities of the gaming industry. Betadvisor is a UK company that provides professional sports betting advice. Established in 2010, Betadvisor is an international organization present with 1000+ advisors,1000+ affiliates and partner of more than 125,000 customers in over 80 countries. Betadvisor rapid growth is driven by technological innovation and a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs. Betadvisor is the leading provider of tipster services to the betting industry. As former rugby player, Charles loves Team working and Cooperation. He wrote 2 books about Win-Win Strategies and Global Cooperation introduced by the past Italian Prime Minister and President of the European Commission Romano Prodi. Charles did his Study In Italy and Canada. He holds a honors degree in Politics Science.