Celine Moille

Céline Moille is a French lawyer (Lyon Bar – France – since 2014 and Montreal Bar – Canada – since 2019).

She did a PhD in private international law.

Céline joined Deloitte in April 2021.

She has been involved in business law advice and litigation (particularly in contract law, competition law, distribution law, etc.) for many years.

Céline has developed great expertise, in particular in new technologies law (personal data, websites, etc.) and around Blockchain technology (traceability, tokenization, digital assets, cryptocurrencies). She has also founded several Legaltechs (in debt recovery and Blockchain matters) and was vice-president of Avotech, the association of French and European lawyers who created LegalTech.

Céline started her career in 2014 with the Lyon law firm Yellaw Avocats, which allowed her to specialize in the fields of general commercial law (contract, distribution, competition, liability), but also in personal data protection and digital law.

Moille has developed particular expertise in new technologies, in particular with regard to innovative means of payment, fintech, blockchain, crypto money, etc. She is also the co-founder of Dodobank, a LegalTech specialized in debt collection.

She was vice-president of Avotech, the association of French and European lawyers who created LegalTech. Joined Taj (a law firm), An entity of the Deloitte network in April 2021. Taj is one of the leading French law firms, specializing in international tax and legal strategies.

“We offer new solutions designed and implemented by our experts, who combine thorough mastery of complex tax and legal issues with an economic and financial culture enabling them to identify suitable responses to our clients’ strategic challenges.”

Céline Moille’s arrival at Deloitte/Taj will contribute to strengthening the firm’s expertise, particularly in commercial law, IT and Corporate.

She spoke at the AIBC conference about The evolution of Token offerings and regulation across Europe

Vasilisa Marinchuk, CEO at Center Blockchain Catalunya, did us the honour of speaking at AIBC Summit this November 2021 during the main stage event for Blockchain Regulation! Vasilisa Marinchuk moderated the panel 🔹 The Evolution Of Token Offerings and Regulation Across Europe 🔹 with fellow speakers: 🗣 Tobias Seidl, Co-founder at Stokr 🗣 Anna Agu, Co-founder and Partner at Lex Law Office 🗣 Celine Moille, Lawyer at Deloitte 🗣 Jaguar-Adva Gal, CEO at Jaguar Lawyers