Brian McGinty

Brian McGinty is the Marketing Manager and Founding Leader of the company CryptoPerformance. He has more than 20 years in sales and marketing. He has worked Internationally in Financial, Property, Insurance, and Blockchain. Six years in the Crypto space and a founding member of CryptoPerformance.

brian mcginty1CryptoPerformance is a crypto blockchain and tech platform run by a team of crypto experts dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the world and greatly expanding the crypto ommunity.

The crypto community is growing too slowly. That was the main reason why CryptoPerformance was born. Another reason is that after many successful ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and the subsequent listing of the coins at the exchanges the respective Coin is strongly neglected by the community. Because everyone is only fixated on the price of the coin, the belief in it is lost. However, as the community continues to grow, so does the price. And rightly so! Because as soon as a coin is listed on different exchanges, the company behind it usually has no further information about the further course. Thus, the most important point is neglected: the expansion of the community by the individual coin owners. Every effort is worth building the community, no matter how big it was at the beginning. But since such a structure requires a lot of time and effort and at this moment still brings no money, it is probably the reason why many are slowly distancing themselves from this task. “After all, you have to make money every day.” This is meant to be very short term.

He spoke at the AIBC conference about : Blockchain as the solution for charity donation transparency (Day 2)

Stefania Barbaglio, Director & Founder at Cassionpeia Services, did us the honour of speaking at AIBC Summit this November 2021 during the main stage event for Blockchain & The Economy! Stefania Barbaglio moderated the panel 🔹 Blockchain As The Solution For Charity Donation Transparency 🔹 with fellow speakers: 🗣 Brian McGinty, Marketing Advisor at CryptoPerformance 🗣 Irina Heaver, Crypto Lawyer 🗣 Verlin Sanciagco, CIO at Ruby Family Office 🗣 Richard Buettner, Ambassador at Ruby Family Foundation AIBC Summit aims to be a pillar in the technological development by uniting tech-leaders, regulators, investors and entrepreneurs from across the world to discuss, share ideas, make partnerships and build the foundation for the industry of tomorrow. 👉 Check out what AIBC has lined up for 2022 ➡ https://aibc.world/

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