Berthold Glass

Berthold Glass is an entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. He is all-in into NFT and loves to share his vision about the advantages of the digital economy.
As a networker and moderator, he brings together the brightest minds of the industry. Berthold is the founder of the NFT Club, a mastermind group with online events and NFT meetings all over the world.
In his podcast and the NFT Club, he brings companies and people into visibility, connecting them with other participants and building value for all. He loves networking and is convinced that collaboration is the key.
In his mastermind group, he also helps to understand the topic of NFT in depth. By interviewing experienced people he provides a platform where everybody can learn new things in this rapidly changing world.
nft club logo (1)Having 20+ years of experience in the digital economy, Berthold always was a first-mover and early adopter when it comes to new technologies. He is deeply convinced that NFT and smart contracts are the biggest technology shift since the internet and social media. And the most underestimated.
Some companies are already starting to exploit the potential, but most don’t yet understand the disruption of smart contracts, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and the removal of the man-in-the-middle. That’s where he’s helping people to understand and use the full potential with his mastermind sessions.
2022 is the year of NFTs and if you’re not already in – now is the time to start. Berthold organizes gatherings and network events. Feel free to contact him for interviewing opportunities in his podcast or participation in his NFT Club.
berthold glass 2Berthold participated as a speaker and panel moderator in previous Summits of SiGMA, AIBC, AGS, and MED-TECH in Malta where he talked about the future of NFT and moderat