Asaf Orpani

Asaf Orpani is a serial entrepreneur and a white hat hacker, alumnus of Elite Intelligence Unit in the IDF, “Gamma Cyber” unit, with over 10 years of experience and global reputation in Security Research & Technology in general, hacked over 3 million websites and other platforms all in for a good cause.

He is the CEO & Founder of the company Arkhivist.

The goal is to minimize the risk factor of DeFi investors, using an innovative technology that monitors the blockchain, generating risk intelligence and real-time alerts.

The team combines the personnel with all the skills and traits required to make this mission possible. Founded by alumni of Elite Technological Intelligence Unit with proven track record and global reputation in Entrepreneurship and Cyber Security.

They are also highly connected to all types of investors around the world, which gives us the drive to lower the risk factor of DeFi and encourage more funds to stream towards this amazing space.

Arkhivist provides with an intelligence platform to stay notified 24/7 on all important events regarding money protocols  invested in and how it might affect your funds. In case of suspicious events where Arkhivist recognizes might lose  funds, it will not take a chance and even help  to exfiltrate funds, obviously if that’s what choose.

They implement rigorous security measures before working with a money protocol and make sure you never fall a victim to a DeFi scam. The mission is to bring transparency to the DeFi space, minimizing risk factor, while making sure aware of all risk there is and constantly watching funds and helping to pull them out before something bad is about to happen.

He spoke at the AIBC conference about The reality of Cybercrime: Fact vs Fiction (Day 1)