Anna Agu

Anna is a co-founder and partner of Lex Law Office. She is a leading Fintech lawyer based in Estonia, representing clients worldwide. She has a bachelor’s degree in Taxation from the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Tallinn.

Anna has extensive experience working for tax authorities and government working groups.
Anna was also a part of government authority practice exchange visits in different EU countries. During her career, she has taken part in developing changes in regulation
and cooperation between the public authorities of Estonia. Due to this experience, Anna considers the partnership between innovations start-ups, government authorities, and legal experts vital to provide the elaboration of innovational technology and a supportive business environment.

Anna is also Co-organizer of the CryptoFinConf.

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Lex Law Offices is a boutique law firm rendering legal advice and services across a broad spectrum of practice areas to corporates and business associations. The firm is well-known for its legal intellect and skills of a knowledgeable team consisting of lawyers, attorneys, counsels, consultants and company secretaries.

The firm ensures that its resources working in different practice areas work in coordination to ensure that every client is provided with comprehensive legal advice. Being a boutique law firm catering to the legal requirements of corporates and business associations, the firm endeavors to provide tailor-made and practicable legal solutions to all clients.

She spoke at the AIBC conference about : The evolution of Token offerings and regulation across Europe (Day 2)

Vasilisa Marinchuk, CEO at Center Blockchain Catalunya, moderates a panel featuring Tobias Seidl, Co-founder at Stokr, Anna Agu, Co-founder and Partner at Lex Law Office, Celine Moille, Lawyer at Deloitte and Jaguar-Adva Gal, CEO at Jaguar Lawyers, as they discuss token offerings and their regulation across Europe.