Amrita Sethi

Amrita Sethi is the first NFT artist in the UAE, a pioneer and thought leader in the web 3 space and an award-winning UAE golden visa holder.

After a successful career in the banking world, Amrita left the corporate world for a deeper calling to become an artist, leading to the creation of her multimedia art genre, SoundBYTEs(c).
The unique idea led to her recognition and coverage with Forbes, CNN, BBC World, CNBC, Bloomberg etc., to winning awards, being selected for Expo 2020 and creating one of the world’s largest augmented reality murals and the first in the Middle East. She works with physical artwork, NFTs and fashion and adds Augmented, Virtual Reality and artificial intelligence into her work.
She Amirta uses sound, story telling, art and technology and has created other collections called The AlphaBYTEs and The CrystalBYTES where she creates new languages and infuses human consciousness into art.
By inspiring change through art and technology Amrita strives to empower change from within and throughout communities using technology as an enhancing tool to move into the next generation.

As her art is about story telling she wants to encourage people to go inwards find their own voice and then come out and tell their story or re write it to inspire others.