Alistair Pernigo

Alistair Pernigo

Alistair Pernigo

Alistair Pernigo realized that we’re using more than one sense while experiencing the world when he was only 8.

Despite this, digital interactions (or shall we call them experiences?) are based on what we see and hear. Other senses haven’t been used much. Alistair is one of the innovators that are trying to change this. The goal is to reveal a wider range of sensory input and expand the audiovisual domain. This will get the natural and virtual worlds to work together.

Since then, building the first virtual synesthetic platform has been his dream. A place where graphic art and new technologies come together to stimulate the user’s senses in an exciting and coherent way, in different places and with different people.

SiGMA World is the world’s leading industry B2B expo conference focused on online and land-based Gaming. Delegates attend to discuss emerging trends, technology innovation and to do business with each other.

Affiliate Grand Slam is our newest addition to the Digital Marketing & AdTech world and following its success in Dubai last May 2021 and in Malta last November 2021, will now be a permanent vertical within our company.

AIBC is an industry B2B expo conference focused on emerging tech, including Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Quantum Computing, IoT and FinTech.

Finally, Med-Tech World united the medical professionals of many disciplines to combine their keen minds and inexhaustible passion for a better tomorrow with the entrepreneurial spirit of investors who also dream of a world free from disease and cancer.

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