Alexander Tkachenko

Alexander Tkachenko

Alexander Tkachenko is the Founder and CEO of VNX and Managing Partner at, Luxembourg VC fund.

Alexander is a serial entrepreneur, business angel, and member of the E100 – LBS business angel network. He is also co-Chair of the VC club at the Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LPEA) and an Executive Council member at the Digital Banking and Fintech Cluster in Luxembourg Banking Association (ABBL).

Alexander Tkachenko started his career as a journalist, then in 1997, he moved to Luxembourg while working in the marketing department for a Japanese electronics company. In 2014, he set up an early-stage VC fund,, which has since invested in 25 companies focused on the sharing economy, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies.

Alexander Tkachenko has always been passionate about technologies that can transform business models and improve the quality of people’s life, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Alexander got into blockchain/crypto in 2017 while researching new verticals for At the same time, he saw a lot of issues in traditional industries that can be solved with blockchain technology. For example, the VC industry’s issue of long investment periods and the illiquid nature of VC makes it difficult for smaller funds to attract smaller investors.

At that time, one of their portfolio companies developed a blockchain platform for the secondary sale of electronic tickets, which gave him the idea to see if that could be adopted for VCs. That’s how Alexander Tkachenko first got the idea of a platform for the tokenization of traditional assets. So in 2018, he founded VNX, which started as a platform for the tokenization of VC fund portfolios, and in 2022 expanded its product line with tokenized precious metals.


VNX is a digital asset investment platform for the tokenization of traditional assets that allows investors to access a new asset class. VNX offers two solutions: VNX STO and VNX Commodities.

VNX STO is a platform for asset tokenization and deal syndication based in Luxembourg. The platform enables its customers to tokenize various assets, digitalize the fundraising process and effectively syndicate deals. VNX successfully completed the first VC deal in Europe utilizing blockchain technology.

Launched in Liechtenstein in 2022, VNX Commodities  is an FMA registered platform for investment in tokenized precious metals, which facilitates the purchase, sale, and storage of precious metals. The VNX platform accepts fiat and crypto payments, enabling its users to easily and efficiently manage physical commodities transactions with its digital tokens at low fees and with guaranteed security of assets. VNX Gold tokens represent ownership of physical gold in the specific numbered bullion, which is stored in a high-security vault in Europe. Each VNX Gold token represents one gram of pure LBMA-certified physical gold.