Alexander Strigin

Alexander Strigin is an active specialist, an expert in information technology, with 13+ years of experience in the industry, who built his career from a junior engineer in applied and web development up to an entrepreneur in IT, a co-founder of the fintech company (startup) Relictum Pro, with 50+ thous. active users.

Since 2019 he has been the CEO of the leading fintech startup engaged in the development of the latest generation blockchain platform operating both publicly and privately, where each device is a node conducting instant and inexpensive transactions, with a throughput of up to 100 thous. transactions per second designed to be used by a wide range of people: from novices to advanced cryptocurrency users.

He believes that his main duty is to adhere to the basics of the blockchain technology based on the principles of openness, transparency, and privacy.

He also often attends various crypto podcasts, meetups, and conferences, intensively popularizing, promoting, and developing himself in this industry.