Alexander Filatov

Alexander Filatov is a Co-Founder and CEO of TON Lab. TON Labs is the core developer of the Everscale Network – a decentralized, community-driven blockchain and its major component – Ever OS.

Alexander is an entrepreneur and former corporate executive with 25 yeas of experience.

Alexander started his career in 1994 at the Russian HQ of the Procter & Gamble corporation in marketing. In 2000 he was moved to the European HQ of P&G in Geneva and led food & beverage business of P&G in Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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After finalizing his Exectuve MBA in Business School Lausanne (Magma Cum Laude) in 2004 Filatov returned to Russia, where he held a number of executive positions in strategy, investment banking and M&A. Later he served as a CEO of three manufacturing corporations: RM (2010-2011) – large Russian automotive group, RM-Terex (2012-2013) – joint venture between RM and Terex corporation, and Chelpipe (2014-2015) – manufacturer of industrial pipes and oil equipment.

In late 2015 Alexander left the corporate world and moved into the private equity and venture capital field where he made a series of investments. After graduating from a Singularity University later that year he co-founded a diversified venture fund Industry 4.0., focusing on exponential technologies (blockchain, AI, big data, robotics, VR/AR, digital medicine etc.).

In 2018 Filatov and his partners established TON Labs – core developer of the Everscale blockchain network.

Alexander is an active member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization) served as Chapter Chair of YPO Russia in the 2019/20 FY.

logo ton labs

TON Labs is the core developer of the Free TON Network; a decentralized, community-driven blockchain and its major component – TON OS. TON OS is a full-fledged, vertically integrated technology stack that helps developers work easily with the blockchain and makes it simple and intuitive for users.

Founded in May 2018, TON Labs is the core developer of Free TON, comprised of a decentralized team focused on developing the infrastructure and free software for TON OS.

“We are committed to building a truly decentralized internet that delivers security, trust, data ownership, censorship resistance and privacy.

We are dedicated to empowering global communities to explore, build and develop solutions and applications that will be easily accessible to everyone.

It is our conviction that such an approach will solve most of today’s economic and social issues.

Our values: TON Labs believes that decentralization will bring the necessary changes to the way the world is being run today.

All TON Labs’ internal processes are predicated on a merit based system.

We believe that the principles of free software allow us to effectively develop advanced, sustainable products and services that contribute to and benefit from the greater community.

TON Labs is fully committed to the privacy of user data and security of its software as a mandatory condition for success.

Our goals: We aim to provide developer communities with a set of free software tools to build infrastructure and applications for optimal interaction with decentralized solutions.

We strive to facilitate the adoption of our technology and decentralized ecosystems that are based on it. Accordingly, all of the essential components of the TON Labs developer stack are available as open source.”

He spoke at the AIBC conference about “Reinventing the banking wheel with Defi” (Day 3)

Moderated by David Orban, the panel a great approach to the engagement to the Defi Space and how platforms are working to deliver the support and cope with constant changes and challenges that users of Defi are finding as a barrier.