Alex MacDonald Vitale

From early years exploring intellectual property law and setting up a first company in sustainable design, Alex recently returned to his origins and established a Swiss-based advisory platform focused on identifying and accelerating positive impact ventures and technologies that offer genuine potential to support our collective futures.

His long-held belief in the importance of IP as one of humanity’s most powerful enablers and agent of change, along with a passion for adaptable solutions and sustainable growth, inevitably led him to alternative investment and DeFi, which Alex now sees as critically important catalysts of next-generation development.

Alex has benefitted from a uniquely broad career across both public and private sectors, extending from developed to frontier and emerging markets: after a decade in international relations and diplomatic postings that brought him to the Middle East, he tracked the increasing influence of corporates on government policy and by 2008 had pivoted to HSBC Bank and international investment, which in parallel, led to advising capital markets.

As a diplomat, his actions in political representation and crisis response helped improve government and private sector connectivity. In banking, Alex merged benchmarks in institutional corporate access and investor relations. By 2016 these perspectives led to him developing new legislation that would permanently improve regional capital market standards in corporate governance and transparency – with the objective of attracting long-term FDI (foreign direct investment) in support of the economic diversification agenda.

In response to recent turmoil, Alex has worked to develop a globally oriented, high-level perspective that can help clients and stakeholders mitigate risk – the idea is that by anticipating macro economic and geopolitical patterns more accurately, companies and ventures can start to ‘see around corners’ and so position more defensively.

Alex speaks five languages and since 2010 has lived between Dubai, Switzerland and the UK.