Alemsah Ozturk

Alemsah Ozturk

Alemsah Ozturk

Alemsah Ozturk has a passion for all things digital. He believes strongly that good design evokes positive experiences and sometimes emotions. Being a gamer & dreamer for a very long time helped him create strong experiences that moves people, sometimes make them laugh sometimes make them curious. He believes that ideas matter without borders, digital means connecting ideas with most suitable interfaces for creating vast experiences.


Blockchain, ICOs, Creative direction, Planning, Strategic thinking, Writing Presentations, Blogging, Digging the internet for new things, Listening people, fooling around, playing games, making games, making silly jokes, designing user experiences, finding absurd and somehow funny ideas that works, making people, his clients and his team happy!


4129Grey is not your everyday agency. An integrated advertising agency that can provide services on all platforms across the board. Merging digital and creative expertise with GREY network approach we created a unique solution to the market that delivers impact never seen before.

Grey is not a traditional network. Rather than being a loose collection of agencies who happen to share the same logo, Grey operates as one business across multiple locations. This means that not only is the work ‘Famously Effective’, but so is the delivery and operation. “Our Famously Effective work aims to impact popular culture and amplify that impact across many channels, hitting national headlines, making the evening news and entering everyday conversation. More importantly, it delivers a great return on investment, driving commercial success for our clients’ businesses.”

He spoke at the SIGMA conference about The Next Frontier: Emerging Investment Areas (Ikigai Ventures Stage) Day 1

The panel discussed how does the future feel like for investors, what is the next frontier, the importance of timing, and how new technologies are becoming so important for society, wondering how is it going to be in the future,  will people prefer to live on a virtual world that the real one? The metaverse it’s been built, things are changing and changing quickly,  Alemsah believes that Virtual Life will gain every time more popularity, virtual reality is developing all the hardware and software to make it feel as real as our physical reality, and every time more people will decide to be part of the VR world than the real physical world. A polemic approach made the panelist disagree but gave entrance to a substantial and interesting discussion and speculation about what we gonna see in the next years.

Another interesting topic was the NFTs and play to earn, the importance of NFTs to give a new opportunity to the artist to get more attention and a new whole market that expand art around the world, providing new opportunities, exchanges, and experiences for assists and spectators.

Grey emphasizes the challenges and dangers of people playing games just to make money and not for fun, while games are supposed to be fun, when people are doing it just for money, they won’t succeed.

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