Hip hop superstar Akon is one of Africa’s most renowned philanthropists. He hopes to empower young entrepreneurs in Africa to strengthen the continent’s rising economies and support the development of sustainable communities through blockchain-based cryptocurrency, Akoin. Through the artist’s Akoin Foundation, inspired entrepreneurs will develop future-forward businesses and promote innovation, economic stability, and growth across Africa, as well as in the wider world.


Senegalese-American entrepreneur and philanthropist, Akon, announced that there are plans to build a second crypto city in Africa, this time in Uganda.

The first crypto city called Akon City is being built in Senegal and costs around $6billion. Akon has described the city in Senegal as the real life Wakanda due to its technological advancements.

Akon has been attending regularly to our AIBC Summit given the important network, insightful content, and expansion opportunities that are provided during the event. Akon is now looking to expand the city out of Senegal to Uganda. The Ugandan government has given its backing to the new proposed project as Uganda’s Minister of State for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Isaac Musumba, stated in a press conference that the government is willing to find land that is at least one square mile or bigger. The new city will function similarly to Senegal’s Akon City with Akoin taking centre stage. The cryptocurrency is currently being used in Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) in Kenya as its acting as a pilot programme for Akon City before its opening. Akon was quizzed whether the people in Uganda could afford to live in Akon City. Uganda registered 41% of their population to live under the poverty line but they also have one of the youngest populations in the world that may serve as a potential factor for growth. However, the end goal for Akon is to unite the whole continent together and develop Africa as a whole, “whatever it takes”. Akon also amplifies the need to educate people and give the opportunity for individuals to have access to certain information. Therefore, his team plan on flying professionals into Uganda to train the locals. The new Akon city is scheduled to be ready by 2036 which Akon thinks is a very realistic goal.

Akon’s vision for Africa’s future sees renewable energy and the power of blockchain come up with new innovative ways to ease navigating the necessities of day-to-day life

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Using renewable energy, the power of blockchain, and IoT to come up with new innovative ways to have seamless living all flows from Akon’s vision. Akon is seeing a future that is coming to life. What’s astounding is that this vision can be used not just for Africa but the rest of the world. Akon joined the AIBC stage this morning sharing more of his plans and innovative thoughts during the summit. He explains how he’s doing his best to shape Africa and give individuals there a better future. “Akon city is a fully renewable blockchain integrated city and what we want and hope is to be the staggered of all the living in the rest of the continent.” He goes on to further say that Africa is a flat white surface meaning leading mindsets can do any and everything they want to do there. “All the capabilities, resources, and minerals are there and it’s just a matter of great minds to understand what that future looks like and develop Africa in a way that the rest of the world is already developed. With Africa, we can start from scratch and build it up.” The moderator, Dustin Plantholt, who is also the Founder and CEO of Crypternsand Forbes Monaco, Editor Crypto, explains how Akon is leading the charge in the world on education and also the opportunity which lies on the blockchain.

Akon says that he always believed that Blockchain is what’s going to save Africa. “Unfortunately, the infrastructure that was built in Africa was not sustainable enough for it to grow. Conflicts and corruption didn’t allow it to grow either and I believe that Blockchain will erase all of that.” As time is progressing, crypto is progressing more and it has become an easier conversation for people. Akon believes that the digital age is what is going to transform the future to become what it is supposed to be. When it comes to Akon’s personal life he comments that while he’s moving, he’s always thinking of a long-term goal. “I’m moving towards what that future goal is and trying to align everything that I’m doing towards that future goal.” John Karas, Co-founder, and President of Akoin conclude that the more impact you make on people, the more possibilities you open up to succeed and grow. With people rooting for you, profitability and growth automatically come your way.