Adrian Niculescu

Adrian Niculescu has been building and growing businesses for 20 years. Since 2013, he has taught marketing and business courses to 10,000 people in person and online. Since 2014, he has helped 30 tech start-ups and spoken at 500 gigevents. Since 2010, he has coached, consulted, and mentored on every continent. Since 2008, he has sold or bought 250 properties.

He is also good at writing sales pages, emails, funnels, Facebook ads, and ads for other platforms. His tech skills include Blockchain, RAIDA, being an expert in marketing automation, Clickfunnels, Sales Manago, Infusionsoft, Leadpages, and Facebook. He knows how to market, sell products, and get a new business off the ground.

He is obsessed with self-improvement and wants to keep getting better all the time. He loves to talk at events about things he knows a lot about and that will help the audience.

CloudCoin Consortium

Adrian is the CMO EMEA at CloudCoin Consortium.

The goal of the CloudCoin Consortium is to make a “perfect” global currency that can’t be stolen, double-spent, mined, or lost. They want to make an e-currency that is completely private and doesn’t need any public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption.

They also want to make a money system that is fair and honest and doesn’t need any special software or downloads.

Using a new patent, they are putting together a global network of 6,000 authentication agents called RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents). Now, they are looking for the best System Administrators in the world to make sure no one can take over the system.

At Faster Capital Dubai, an online incubator and accelerator, Adrian is in charge of the UK and Romania. They help small businesses and startups all over the world and invest in them through a work-for-equity model. They either offer business development per equity or technical development per equity. They help startups and SMEs raise money from angel investors, venture capitalists, micro-venture capitalists, and other sources.