Adrian Doerk

Adrian Doerk is a trained IT-systems electronics engineer and has a Bachelor in International Business. He has been involved in digital communication for over 10 years and is a specialist in the field of self-sovereign identity. He leads the communication at IDunion and the business development at Lissi.

Adrian Doerk, Business Development Manager at Main Incubator GmBH, met with our very own Yanni Collins and speaks about the importance of ► Identification, Authentification, and Customer Centricity. 👀 ► Adrian Doerk provides software applications for businesses and end consumers enabling data sovereignty with self-sovereign identity at Main Incubator GmBH. ⎔ ► Adrian is on a quest to explore decentralized solutions to counter these threatening business practices. He focuses on providing basic education about self-sovereign identity via SSI Ambassador and building a strong community for the Lissi Initiative. 🤩



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In June 2019 the joint development project Lissi was founded. Lissi is an acronym and stands for “Let’s initiate self-sovereign identity”.

In cooperation with various partners, we are driven by the common goal of creating a new solution for secure digital identities for the international market. Current partners involved in this project are: Main Incubator GmbH, Commerzbank AG, Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Technical University of Berlin, ING-Diba AG and Deutsche Bank AG. The partners have contributed both financial resources and developers to the project.

Lissi is a project in which many well-known companies and institutions are involved. It was initiated and is led by the Main Incubator GmbH: the research and development unit of the Commerzbank Group. We lead the development of base-layer infrastructure in the IDunion consortium and offer software applications for companies, institutions and end-users for the management of digital identities.


Adrian had remarkable participation at the Malta Week Conference on the panel “Legal compliance with identification regulations” on day 2 at the Main Stage, covering a wide range of important aspects and solutions on software Identification, Authentification, and Customer Centricity.