Adriaan Brink

Adriaan Brink is CEO of – promoters of the FUN token and associated activities. FUN Token is creating a gambling ecosystem based on a crypto token. It trades on major exchanges and is the largest gaming crypto in the world. It also operates casino and traffic acquisition sites through related companies.

Brink started professional programming on ICL and UNIVAC mainframes in 1984 performing statistical analysis, moving on to real-time financial markets analytics in 1989, followed by online recruitment with PeopleBank in 1990.

In 1994 Brink introduced PeopleBank to the European markets. Towards the end of 1994 he started “The London Mall” as a portal to attract visitors to PeopleBank. PeopleBank and The London Mall were sold to the Daily Mail newspaper group in 1995.

Having witnessed firsthand the potential of the internet and the success of the UK National Lottery, in early 1995 the idea was born for an Internet-based lottery. Operating out of Liechtenstein Brink established PLUSLotto – the world’s first Internet lottery and online gaming site and quickly established its position as a leading e-commerce site in Europe.

In 1998 Brink was a founding director and CTO of Earthport ( – a UK-based Payment Services Company specializing in interbank payment and forex systems. Earthport was listed on the LSE and was sold in 2018 to Visa for $340M.

In 2001 Brink formed Zabadoo AG focusing on white-labeled lottery systems. In late 2004 Brink joined the team at Mahjong Mania to bring for money, multiplayer internet Mahjong to the world. Mahjong Mania became part of TSX listed company Dynasty Gaming Inc. He was President of Mahjong Systems Limited for 4 years and was instrumental in pioneering multiplayer Mahjong on the Internet, cutting deals with operators and suppliers such as Ladbrokes and Microgaming. He exited Dynasty Gaming Inc at a market cap of $140M.

In 2007 Brink formed iCoins and introduced a new concept in the way money should move on the Internet. iCoins launched peer-to-peer and merchant payments on Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo. With the release of the early Bitcoin code, iCoins was mothballed as it seemed that Bitcoin was more advanced technology.

In 2011, after building the mobile sportsbook client for Bodog, Brink formed Socialize to develop and operate virtual sports betting apps on Facebook and mobile. In 2015 he joined Gamesys PLC in London as Program Lead to establish their new Virgin Bet brand. He left the team of over 100 people in late 2017 to pursue a new startup in Cryptocurrency.

In 2017 he launched BETR – Better Betting with a successful ICO in December 2017. BETR is an escrow cryptocurrency (BETR) with its first application in a peer-to-peer sports betting system which went live mid 2018. BETR is live with daily action, all peer-to-peer with no central party. It offers a wide range of markets on all popular sports with eSports added in early 2020. In 2021 BETR merged with FUN Token and the functionality is being ported to the new token.

On day 3 of Malta Week 2021, Adriaan participated in the panel “The Future Of Betting And Payments In The Quantum Computing Era”, at the Main Stage Adriaan discussed short and long term perspectives of the future of payment, and how Quantum Computers are being used by companies to try to solve the problem of making them more commonplace.