Mandy Rowbottom

“I formed OHR in 2012 as a UK company which initially specialised in the recruitment of western trained medical professionals to the Middle East but is now able to provide recruitment services globally.

Our continued success and growth caused us to development TalentFind – the world’s first intelligent medical recruitment platform – built by medical recruiters for medical recruitment. TalentFind is built to be networked together to create the eMedMarketPlace – a global hub for medical careers and recruitment, and is designed to enable hospital and agency recruiters, healthcare workers and other 3rd parties, such as medical training institutes, to collaborate and easily access jobs or candidates in a single environment.

OHR and TalentFind mean more than businesses to me. They means I can assist others to find their next career move in a more easy and simplified way and provide a service to our hospital clients that reduces time and costs. My goals are to help find ways to upskill staff, providing them with improved career choices and enable cooperation and partnerships between parties so all regions of the world can offer excellent healthcare. My personal experiences have given me a good insight as to why this is paramount.”